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Fašade Feedback and Forums

We'd love to get your feedback about Fašade, and about
this new genre of interactive entertainment called
interactive drama.

Do you like this prototype of interactive drama? What do you like about it?
What else do you wish it had? What problems does it have?

Please send us your reactions, ideas, questions and critiques to:


Discuss Fašade with other players at the
Interactive Drama Fašade Forum.

Send us your Generated Stageplays!
Everytime you play Fašade, a custom stageplay text file is generated in c:\Facade\stageplays, with your and Grace and Trip's dialog. If you'd like to share a good stageplay with us, please e-mail it!


Read about and comment on the latest ideas about
interactive story, games, poetry and art with us at
our group blog, Grand Text Auto.


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