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Fašade Goodies

is freeware - please give copies to your friends!
A very small team developed Fašade over five years, primarily self-funded.
Get some Fašade goodies to help us recoup our expenses and fund another independent production!
Help make the new genre of interactive drama a reality.

  Get the "Behind the Fašade" guide,
an invaluable set of hints for seeing all the variation in the drama, and detailed descriptions of how Fašade works. A must for any interactive drama enthusiast.
Yours for a donation of only $5.

Fine clothing and accessories
to enhance your Fašade experience, at amazingly affordable prices. Powered by CafePress. Coming soon: a Fašade Mousepad and Fašade Mini-Poster!

The Fašade Deluxe Edition
includes a limited-edition autographed copy of Fašade, a Fašade T-Shirt, Fašade Hat, Fašade Mousepad, Fašade Soundtrack, and Fašade Mini-Poster!
All this can be yours for a generous donation of $100.

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